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    • If you use the Asteria-X Forums, please familiarize yourself with our Rules & Guidelines for the forums. We expect all members using our forums to abide by these rules.Keep in mind these rules can alter over time at any given moment.The Asteria-X Staff team reserves the right to terminate any of your account if in violation of any of the rules stated below. If you have any questions or concerns about our forum rules, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a forum staff member. There is a habitual behavior that should be followed within the Asteria-X Forums to prevent any conflicts between yourselves, the staff, and the system. Generally speaking, the use of common sense in real life applies the same within the forums. As long as each and every follows the basic ethics and the forum rules, you should never find yourselves in trouble for misconduct. These following basic components are what we expect from each and every user. Encouraging the use of free speech and informational diffusion in a mature and constructive manner. Adhere to existing laws. Guaranteeing an appropriate and sympathetic aura within the forums. Respecting confidentiality of all users. Encouraging responsible use of the forums, preventing any activity which discourages active use of forums or any action that devalues our forum users Flaming & Trolling & Defamation Flaming, also known as bashing, is the hostile interaction towards another internet user, often involving the use of profanity. Small amount of flame is acceptable. Staff members shall act accordingly when the flaming becomes excessive. Infractions may vary from a warning to post banning depends on the severity of the content. Trolling is the deliberate act of attacks towards a content or an internet user. Trolling does not always offend another nor can it be aimed at anyone but there are cases when it is inappropriate. Mild trolling is acceptable but once again, staff members shall act accordingly if the content is considered offensive. Defamation is the act of public shaming, if you have an issue with someone take it to private message. Ban Complaints The Shoutbox and or forum message boards are not your personal venting platform for an infraction and or ban of you or another user from any Asteria-X platforms. If you have an issue with your ban, please create asupport ticket with the office. Leaking Leaking personal details of other forum users is strictly prohibited. Facebook names, IRL pictures, IP's etc are all worthy of a permanent ban. You will not be allowed back under any circumstances. Nudity any sort of content containing nudity is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from the forums. Advertising We have zero tolerance towards the advertisement of other servers and websites. The violation of this rule results in a permanent ban from the forums. Security Exploiting or attempting to exploit loopholes, vulnerabilities, or bugs will result in the permanent removal of your accounts. Any activities with an objective of violating the confidentiality or harming of the forums users will result in an immediate termination of your accounts. IP Ban & Ban Evasion IP bans as reserved for the highest-level offences, including (but not limited to): DDoS, Hacking, etc. In some cases, IPbans may be handed to repeat offenders of lower-level rules. Players that have been IP banned are not welcomed back and any attempt to return to the forums under a new name / IP will result in another ban. Misposting Misposting is considered spamming to a degree. This can easily be avoided simply by reading the section title and reading any relevant announcements or pinned threads within that section. If you are unsure about where to post a thread, private message our forum staff or a member of our community. Spam Posting Spam posting is basically the act of posting useless and irrelevant things on topics. If you are going to post something that has nothing to do with the topic, then don't post. Depending on the content of the post, you may receive a verbal warning or a warning point. Hanging Quotes Hanging quotes is essentially quoting someone's post and just posting it. It looks trashy on the forums and it only results in spam posting. If you have nothing relevant to say toward the topic, don't post. Faking Evidence Any form of faking evidence will result in a permanent ban. Inappropriate Content We have younger players on the forums and in-game. We do not need any type of inappropriate content. Posting any inappropriate content may result in an infraction on forums. The exception to this rule is the posting of pornographic content, whereby you will be permanently banned and never welcomed back. Thread Hijacking Thread Hijacking primarily applies to the market section of the forums. It is the act of posting on a sale thread (that is not yours) and selling items at a cheaper price or buying items at a higher price. This is strictly forbidden and can result in a warning. @ Player Topics Threads directed to players are allowed as long as it remains in a positive environment. If the thread is directed to negatively effect a player, harm the security of the user, or it is intended to flame bait others, the thread will be closed and the creator of the topic may receive a warning point. If your content is directed towards a staff member or a player to clarify a rule/statement/question, we expect them to use the private messaging system instead. Criticism and comments directed towards a staff member and Asteria-X gaming can be posted in Overall Feedback in a constructive manner. Gravedigging Posting on a thread that is least 3 weeks old (21 days) or more without a post will be considered gravedigging and you may be issued a warning point. Posting on a thread in a section that does NOT gain any post count that is at least 6 weeks old will also be considered gravedigging. This rule does not apply to the clan recruitment and guides as well as pinned threads as long as the content of the post is relevant to the thread. Reputation Farming Any person caught buying/selling reputation points or using multiple accounts to farm their reputation will have the reputation set to 0. Threads that are based on or involve reputation points being given for giveaways are no longer allowed. "Rep4Rep" threads or things of that nature are no longer allowed as well. Forum Shoutbox If you are shoutbox banned on one account, you are shoutbox banned on all accounts. Attempting to evade with another account will result in a ban being applied to the alternate account, and may result in the ban being extended. Trolling is not allowed. Depending on the severity of the trolling and how far it goes, you can be warned about it or get banned instantly from the shoutbox for 24 hours (this increases as repeat offenses accumulate). Flaming other users will not be tolerated and will result in a 24-48 hour ban from shoutbox - depending on the severity. Flooding the shoutbox is not allowed. You will be banned for 24 hours if you are caught flooding the shoutbox. Spamming the shoutbox, whether with text or with emoticons, is not tolerated. You can either be warned or banned from the shoutbox for 24 hours. Excessive swearing is prohibited - you will be banned for up to 48h if you are seen doing so. Use of "zalgo" text or any other obfuscated fonts are prohibited from being used in the shoutbox. Bans can last from an hour to 24 hours depending on the severity. Spamming the shout box with lines of text of ANY language, text, symbol, etc is strictly prohibited. Please note that all other forum based rules also apply to the shoutbox. Statuses If status updates contain flame or put another player in a negative light, you can be infracted and the status will be deleted.
    • When the shooting star has been done it should give you 2 options 1. Money 2. Ores (because its mining) 2.1  1 coal per 1 dust      1 mithril ore per 3 dust      1 adamant ore per 4 dust      1 runite ore per 6 dust Add evil tree. Itssame thing as Shooting star but for woodcutting. Add ::thread 1 (for example) to open forums thread. Useful for guides etc. Add some achievements. If neededi could help with those too. REwrite agility xp. Add ask for  forums rank section to forums. Players could ask their donatior ranks etc. Add skilling god (2.5b xp total in non combat skills     pvm god (maximum slayer xp and 100 each boss kills)     Pk god (1000 player kills) If you use any follower pouches on obelisk then it would make scroll.
    • Changed gem and frost dragon bones sell price to general store. Mage Arena srops include: Mages book, infinity set pieces and all wands. Range, Melee and Magic Shops on PkMode has been updated:
    • PkMode has been updated! ::commands (if you have a PK Mode account, it will show you only PK Mode commands). ::restock - restocks your bank. ::veng - Gives vengance runes ::barrage - gives barrage runes Added vengance timer. Updated Pk Shop. Melee Shop :  Magic Shop :  Range Shop :  Misc Shop :  Updated PK Token shop.     Also forum had Bugfix where random players could make topics under Asteria-X section.    
    • Hiscores has been reseted.
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