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  2. Hello, we will have a look at this, have you tried killing dag kings? Sorry for the slow reply am having trouble with fourms atm. Also when ingame if you do ::discord I am avalible nearly 24/7 their and if you PM me I get them through to my phone. DC name vtccc or ign vtcc
  3. so my current slayer task is to kill dagannoth's and when i kill a dagannoth my kill count doesnt go down i would post screenshots but my crappy laptop doesn't take them please help
  4. Thank you for suggesting and reporting issues. First: dungeoneering skill will be reworked totally. Second i support your ideas. Bosses need more nerf aswell. Staff team will look into it for sure.
  5. It's not something big or impossible, the truth is that this server is just clean and neat. Although, there's this small stuff that may or may not effect the server but some may think it's missing these things I am about to state. Addtionally, there might be some points either we talked about in the server about already or the server developers thought of but I am stating them all. - Dungeoneering: About the leveling system Dungeoneering works, which is 15k-25k EXP per kill. Rusty Coins drop, 300 -1k per kill. Dung Area and NPC's amount. Dungeoneering Area isn't bad nor wrong It's just the place won't fit when the server's big enough as we all wish it to be, a fully working dung system would fix all these points I've declared above. EXP Ratio should be after the whole course calculated from kills, task and final boss? Or whatever would be done in the course. The same goes for the Rusty Coins should be counted and given per course. Additionally, all that should be calculated depending on someone's level not a fixed course EXP. - Bosses: They all have Auto Aggression, they shouldn't react until you start fighting the boss. People are going to die after they teleport to any boss instantly.. ( Happened to me 2147M times ). They're all too OP, might decreas their dealt damage and defences, and that's not for the bosses only I think most NPC's has more defence and damage than it should be. That's all to it, teleporting to bosses and getting aggro over nothing only by teleporting to the location is annoying and depressing to be honest. And farming NPC's with high def and damage without Prayer is impossible which is really hard for anyone without 70+ Prayer level and a lot of potions. By the way, the same goes to dags, hellbounds and many other monsters they all have auto aggro. - Skilling Barb Agility doesn't work. Fishing spots. Woodcutting. Construction. Summoning. Firemaking. Fishing spots are limited to 5 ( Shrimps, Trouts, Salmons, and Lobsters ), there's no variety and the rest of the fish has no fishing spots. That effects the cooking too. Woodcutting a Tree is log per hit and swapping between 3 trees to be able to do it faster rather than waiting it to respawn doesn't work it says you're not in range, you have to walk in a spot your self to be able to cut the tree ( Although the NPC walks when you click in a spot close to the Tree but it says you're not in range ). My home in Construction doesn't work it lags within the interface. Summoning level requirements on the summ doesn't show it just says you're not that high level to do so and you just have to guess when you're able to do a specific summon to level up thro. And the area needs a bank down there, rather than getting full inv and going up stairs to bank then go back down again repeatedly. Firing a log works fine but it disappears within seconds, it should stay for a minute at least. - Others: ESC to close interfaces. Space bar to skip NPC's talking interfaces. Toolbelt to carry Skilling items ( Rather than holding them all in a full inv ). Shift click to drop items. Wildy resource area. Vote rewards examination, there's no interface or number to show the price of the item nor what it gives. Dropped items by others cant be picked. Item prices list should be added and the pricing in game is messed up on most items. Roof top toggle on/off If there's any updates, I'll be posting them here.
  6. Samir


    Thank you.
  7. Advise


    Hi Samir. Welcome to asteriax. Hope you enjoy your stay here. For future issues and questions you can always pm me.
  8. Advise


    Hi everyone. After being away from a game doe to irl issues its good to say that im finally back. My pms are opened here and in discord anytime for any issues.
  9. Zeke

    Slayer issue.

    The Slayer tasks are assigned at random when changing tasks, this was all luck. Having said that, the Asteria Team will look into removing this issue of getting the same task.
  10. When you want to change your task with the Slayer Master he requests 3 Slayer points: https://imgur.com/bYdL2cL After deducting those three points he assign you to the same task, I've done it that's why I am posting this. I changed my task and lost my points to get the same task again.. what a waste.
  11. Samir


    Hello people, My name is Samir... yeah its my nickname too. bye
  12. South of port sarim, mudskipper point: https://gyazo.com/9827a23a529f07cd01846f8014a10f4d https://gyazo.com/e24e8133ac4c0194648605dfd6b0fce0 West- south of morton teleport: https://gyazo.com/0d5a0b5405c9f322d372b0630363933c https://gyazo.com/77274ffbdda6e58b043ff2be9fd8c9ec north of rimmington: https://gyazo.com/cf0a4ca4ef17cfe6fed6ebf930274c9f https://gyazo.com/da98749a3651086968d9627567c06bd3 South of ardougne, outside a tower of clock: https://gyazo.com/f949c5407a5607067a7155dfeeb93020 https://gyazo.com/da20feecaafd0434fcc4ba55a4271c82 North of the tower of life: https://gyazo.com/b290ad7ea930a885cbfae985b264399e https://gyazo.com/650b2d987ba4a46f6c3b21e0da6544c0 Road between Seers village and rellekka: https://gyazo.com/03ffa22bce5093f80161f91f82512eed https://gyazo.com/cc19f46e872ede743c7e863913bfca9f west Of Seers village: https://gyazo.com/e4de5cc59010382f67873759514f37fa https://gyazo.com/73e877360ea82f5b8ef64413139ce621 Varrock bank downstairs: https://gyazo.com/de6c90cd5eeeaff5977c297ab8eb2260 https://gyazo.com/6651f4f042e78d8c55b50a38dc481e7a Yanille behind smithing house: https://gyazo.com/a79cfd19e6b6e46e4ea41316170bdee9 https://gyazo.com/cdf89b8410a542c34b2fbfd515499e05 North Falador: https://gyazo.com/daf18c2d2f3baf15f593e7825b8fab3b https://gyazo.com/9e671bbc5a70883404e98161db38d0cb West-South of mage bank, Level 50 wild: https://gyazo.com/5bb43145498cf027041f731e84fcfbd0 https://gyazo.com/14b8804910eb6c7a4f51c1aad4adad31 East of mage bank: https://gyazo.com/54f77efbd309f1197fb2a4f83ba4ee6d https://gyazo.com/3a4e278a0d23a5200ed2972bf6c522fe Eastern mining spot at varrock: https://gyazo.com/72e2c096268c55814415a90257ad01a5 https://gyazo.com/d3da69fffa31b182be779a0c5f26af21 Ham Hideout: https://gyazo.com/80993a70f536bf837084d6512a82d833 https://gyazo.com/ea457197c8e5a51b7fc47dfe19e09e3e South of draynor bank: https://gyazo.com/e67a392ca336ad3e52c928d2178a64e6 https://gyazo.com/8bcdcafc5eb3d9b757754160c2e86c4d Corporeal beast teleport: https://gyazo.com/91d61065ecacdaad11c82c08a68277d7 https://gyazo.com/43d04ac657ea0f2ad1cd2df9caa4e7a4 South east of varrock: https://gyazo.com/fd37bcc0b6be68b6c1907212c3f796a2 https://gyazo.com/22919b904d68a10564f4d125cb5ba9d4 North of Castle Wars near observatory: https://gyazo.com/75229b2c53e736d2879e348b75d51e1f https://gyazo.com/b847a891a77ef8827327b37946426ffb
  13. Green Halloween Mask. Blue Halloween Mask. Red Halloween Mask. Santa Hat. Disk Of Returning. Half Full Wine Jug. Easter Egg. Pumpkin. Christmas Cracker. Red Partyhat. Yellow Partyhat. Blue Partyhat. Green Partyhat. Purple Partyhat. White Partyhat. Bunny Ears. Pink Partyhat. Black Halloween Mask. Lava Santa Hat. Lime Santa Hat. Purple Santa Hat. Cyan Santa Hat. Pink Santa Hat. White Santa Hat. Green Santa Hat. White Halloween Mask. Golden Halloween Mask. Flippers. Ring Of Wealth (i). Rainbow Partyhat. Golden Scythe. Sled. Basket Of Eggs. Red Boxing Gloves. Blue Boxing Gloves. Giant Present. Sack Of Presents. Attacker BA Capes. Defender BA capes. Healer BA Capes. Collector BA Capes. Dragon Claws. Dragon Full Helm. Dragon Platebody. Dragon Kiteshield. Bandos Godsword. Zamorak Godsword. Armadyl Godsword. Saradomin Godsword. Armadyl Helmet. Armadyl Chestplate. Armadyl Plateskirt. Bandos Chestplate. Bandos Tassets. Bandos Boots. Steadfast Boots. Glaiven Boots. Ragefire Boots. Abyssal Vine Whip. Dragonfire Shield. Armadyl Battlestaff. Torva Full Helm. Torva Platebody. Torva Platelegs. Pernix Coif. Pernix Body. Pernix Chaps. Virtus Helm. Virtus Top. Virtus Legs. Justiciar Helm. Justiciar Platebody. Justiciar Platelegs. Abyssal Tentacle. Toxic Blowpipe. Cursed Spirit Shield. Onslaught Spirit Shield. Twisted Bow. Arcane Spirit Shield. Elyssian Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield. Divine Spirit Shield. Ghrazi Rapier. Scyhte Of Vitur. Sangui Staff. Black partyhat. Black Santa Hat. Banker pet.
  14. Normal Scythe. Angel Wings. Demon Wings. Black Halloween Mask. Lava Santa Hat. Lime Santa Hat. Black Santa Hat. Purple Santa Hat. Cyan Santa Hat. Pink Santa Hat. Dirty Santa Hat. White Santa Hat. Green Santa Hat. White Halloween Mask. Gold Halloween Mask. Ring of wealth (I). Attacker BA Capes. Defender BA Capes. Healer BA Capes. Collector BA Capes. Green Halloween Mask. Blue Halloween Mask. Red Halloween Mask. Santa Hat. Ring Of Wealth. Disc Of Returning. Half Wull Wing Jug. Easter Egg. Pumpkin. Christmas Cracker. Bunny Ears. Blood Box. Saradomin Sword. Samorak Spear. Zamorak Hasta. Balmung. Staff Of Light. Blessed Spirit Shield. Master Wand. Dragon Full Helm. Dragon Platebody. Dragon kiteshield.
  15. Ring of Wealth has been added to slayer shop. Korasi Sword has been removed from Slayer point store. Ring of wealth scroll and ring of wealth (i) has been added to Slayer rewards and thaki store. Tanning leather has been added to Al-Kharid and Canifis. Added Achievement List. Contains 10 new following achievements: Tan some leather. Kill 20 Chickens. Craft a sapphire ring. Eat 20 salmon. Pick a banana. Make 3 attack potions. Clean a grimy guam. Make 15 spirit wolf pouches. Summon a dreadwowl. Chop 10 normal logs. Added Task/Achievements list to Completionist Cape Requirements.
  16. Devon has been promoted from player to pk mode Moderator.
  17. PK MODE UPDATES : Rares shop is now Available on Pk Mode. Talk to Party Pete at Edgeville Bank. Added Ganodermic Armour to Magic Shop. Added Polypore Staff to Magic Shop. Shop has been updated. ECO SERVER UPDATES : Corporeal Beast has been fixed. It drops sigils now. Fixed bug on hunter. Picking up any traps wont duplicate anymore. Fixed Log In box. Default zoom is further away now. Added Shift+Click drop. Added Custom Title to Grand Exchange. Added All Effect Scrolls to Grand Exchange. Timers has been added for Vengance, Barrage and Potions. Dagannoth Kings has been fixed. Added Cave Horrors to the Lair of Horror. Moved Dagannoth lair and added little Dagannoths around near Dagannoth king entrance. Added Cave Horrors to Slayer task. Added Twisted Bow to vorago drop table. Godwars Bosses has been nerfed. CHRISTMAS EVENT IS HERE NOW! Quick Walkthrough: To Obtain Christmas keys by Killing Ice Fiends, Mining Blurite Ores Or Thieving stalls In Event Zone. Event Zone Gates Is located at Home Area. Icefiends have chance to drop other ice items. For full list Examine Icefiends. You can trade Keys for Chrystmas Box or 1 Key to teleport Christmas Event. Queen os Snow is located at Event Zone.
  18. Add PlaceHolders to bank. Add Pets To Monster Drop List. Skilling point system (Content For Skillers) -Skilling Point Shop that Cointains Following: Skilling outfits, Crystal Keys, Blood Money, Dragon Axe and Pickaxe, Graceful recolors. -Earning Skilling points would Depend on skilling tier (EX: Magic Logs Would give more points than Normal logs.) Getting Rare or Very Rare from clue would announce it. Add Boss Killcount HiScores. Add Clue Scroll HiScores. Add Boss Kill Counter After every kill. Like OSRS Has. All Bosses are op. (Whole Community said that)
  19. Advise

    Nomads quick guide

    You have to let your follower make first hit. After nomad hits back you make your shot. Then nomad wont agro on you. If nomad hits you make follower hit it and hide behind your follower. Then nomad agros on follower again.
  20. Give us Your word about Achievement Diary. Add Your Ideas to Comment section. Make Your own List of Easy Tasks, Medium Tasks, Hard Tasks and Master Tasks. Add Rewards for completing each tier tasks. Topic Will be CLosed January 1st!
  21. Dont have to be sorry. Thats only my opinion. 🙂
  22. Ohh okay soz. Just thought i'd put it in since you don't have to hold shift on RS and others. Thanks anyways 🙂
  23. Hi Roky. In my opinion its not needed to change. That doesnt mean it wont happening. Rest of community decides it.
  24. Love the server! The only thing that annoys me a bit is having to hold SHIFT everytime I want to zoom in and out. Is there a chance it could be changed to just scrolling without shift? Thanks :)
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