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  1. Hello, we will have a look at this, have you tried killing dag kings? Sorry for the slow reply am having trouble with fourms atm. Also when ingame if you do ::discord I am avalible nearly 24/7 their and if you PM me I get them through to my phone. DC name vtccc or ign vtcc
  2. How the ge works. Ge will have a variety of different items that have unlimited stock. Normaly items you would find in shops runes rune arm skilling supplies potions ect. You can buy other items like d claws,ags ect but people have to be selling them to buy as their is no unlimited stock on them kind of items. (Buy options)You can right click ge to see what people want to buy on buy options. (Sell options)You can also see what people are selling in the sell options.
  3. Vtcc

    Money making

    Slayer is a good way to make money in game as you get 5m/39m on completion of each task! The amount will vary depending on your slayer level. You will also obtain crystal keys that can be used on chest at home or sell from 10m/20m each plus the cash/items from the task! Few items you can get from chest Divine spirit sheild-vrare Spectral spirit shield-vrare Elysian spirit shield-vrare Bandos-vrare Armadyl-vrare Steadfast boots-vrare Ragefire boots-vrare Glaiven boots-rare Zamarock hasta-rare Zamarock spear-rare Whip-uncommon Fury-uncommon Dragon boots-common Spirit shield-common and more! This is approx 100 keys opened. I recommend that all new players start with slayer as it will further you're knowledge of the server while building you're bank and leveling you're combat levels.
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