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Possible Mystery Box Loot.

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Normal Scythe.
Angel Wings.
Demon Wings.
Black Halloween Mask.
Lava Santa Hat.
Lime Santa Hat.
Black Santa Hat.
Purple Santa Hat.
Cyan Santa Hat.
Pink Santa Hat.
Dirty Santa Hat.
White Santa Hat.
Green Santa Hat.
 White Halloween Mask.
Gold Halloween Mask.
Ring of wealth (I).
Attacker BA Capes.
Defender BA Capes.
Healer BA Capes.
Collector BA Capes.
Green Halloween Mask.
Blue Halloween Mask.
Red Halloween Mask.
Santa Hat.
Ring Of Wealth.
Disc Of Returning.
Half Wull Wing Jug.
Easter Egg.
Christmas Cracker.
Bunny Ears.
Blood Box.
Saradomin Sword.
Samorak Spear.
Zamorak Hasta.
Staff Of Light.
Blessed Spirit Shield.
Master Wand.
Dragon Full Helm.
Dragon Platebody.
Dragon kiteshield.

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