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Possible Super Mystery Box Loots.

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Green Halloween Mask.
Blue Halloween Mask.
Red Halloween Mask.
Santa Hat.
Disk Of Returning.
Half Full Wine Jug.
Easter Egg.
Christmas Cracker.
Red Partyhat.
Yellow Partyhat.
Blue Partyhat.
Green Partyhat.
Purple Partyhat.
White Partyhat.
Bunny Ears.
Pink Partyhat.
Black Halloween Mask.
Lava Santa Hat.
Lime Santa Hat.
Purple Santa Hat.
Cyan Santa Hat.
Pink Santa Hat.
White Santa Hat.
Green Santa Hat.
White Halloween Mask.
Golden Halloween Mask.
Ring Of Wealth (i).
Rainbow Partyhat.
Golden Scythe.
Basket  Of Eggs.
Red Boxing Gloves.
Blue Boxing Gloves.
Giant Present.
Sack Of Presents.
Attacker BA Capes.
Defender BA capes.
Healer BA Capes.
Collector BA Capes.
Dragon Claws.
Dragon Full Helm.
Dragon Platebody.
Dragon Kiteshield.
Bandos Godsword.
Zamorak Godsword.
Armadyl Godsword.
Saradomin Godsword.
Armadyl Helmet.
Armadyl Chestplate.
Armadyl Plateskirt.
Bandos Chestplate.
Bandos Tassets.
Bandos Boots.
Steadfast Boots.
Glaiven Boots.
Ragefire Boots.
Abyssal Vine Whip.
Dragonfire Shield. 
Armadyl Battlestaff.
Torva Full Helm.
Torva  Platebody.
Torva Platelegs.
Pernix Coif.
Pernix Body.
Pernix Chaps.
Virtus Helm.
 Virtus Top.
Virtus Legs.
Justiciar Helm.
Justiciar Platebody.
Justiciar Platelegs.
Abyssal Tentacle.
Toxic Blowpipe.
Cursed Spirit Shield.
Onslaught Spirit Shield.
Twisted Bow.
Arcane Spirit Shield.
Elyssian Spirit Shield
Spectral Spirit Shield.
Divine Spirit Shield.
Ghrazi Rapier.
Scyhte Of Vitur.
Sangui Staff.
Black partyhat.
Black Santa Hat.
Banker pet.

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